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CEPSA Gibraltar Fuel Terminal

Cepsa Gibraltar is the leading supplier of quality yacht fuels in the Port of Gibraltar.

Cepsa Gibraltar provides the full range of fuel grades including petrol used by modern yachts and leisure craft.

Cepsa Gibraltar inaugurated its new yacht terminal in August 2009. This state of the art facility represents the most modern and efficient of its kind in the Port of Gibraltar.

Cepsa Gibraltar is proud that the investment in the new terminal underlines a 20 year long commitment to staying at the forefront of the yacht fuels and services sector.

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About the Terminal

Location: Gibraltar
Fuel Quality: Petrol, Diesel
Contact: CEPSA (Gibraltar) Ltd
1C Waterport
Tel: +350 200 60686
Fax: +350 200 60686
Mobile: +34 689 771 140
Opening: Mon - Sun 8am - 8pm